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Meet Our Team

A close-knit family team focused on client service above self.

How We Work

We focus on goal-based planning for our clients as we find this builds engagement and confidence in reaching your long-term goals. We do this by following a comprehensive planning methodology along with a team focused on client service and satisfaction.

Our advisors take each client seriously as we understand that you are coming to us because you need a financial professional in your life and that your savings represents a lifetime of hard work. Our goal is to make planning and financial decision making as easy as possible as well as to help you maximize your assets.

Latitude Wealth Advisors focuses on remaining students of the industry so we can be an educational resource partner to our clients. We are highly committed to serving you and your family's needs. 

Our Vision

  • To help clients plan for their specific personal financial goals.
  • To be sought out for our honesty, integrity and the overall value we provide to our clients.
  • To maintain client satisfaction with spotless professional credentials all stemming from the relentless focus on our clients.
  • To offer comprehensive financial services to all who seek them at a level of service that matches their needs and sophistication now and over time as they grow and change.   

Our Mission

To help guide busy, successful clients in how to simplify and improve their financial lives.

We aim to do this in the most transparent way possible, providing value along the way at every decision.  Our work together should be additive to your overall success.

Our team approach adds perspective to all we do and provides increased benefits to our clients.

Meet Our Team

Office Staff

Kathleen  Stroub

Kathleen Stroub

Client Service Associate

Thomas Provenzano

Thomas Provenzano

Client Service Director

William Provenzano

William Provenzano

Client Service Associate

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